Check the calendar below for the opening hours of the segments Jewels & Watches, Fashion & Lifestyle, Kitchen & Dining, and Home & Living.

 Retailbeurs Utrecht
Retailbeurs Utrecht takes place twice a year. All floors and all segments will be open to visitors, and both permanent and guest exhibitors look forward to welcoming you then.

 Business Monday
A number of showrooms in the Fashion & Lifestyle segment on the second floor are open every Monday. Go to the calendar to see which showrooms you can visit.

 All Open Monday
All the showrooms in the Fashion & Lifestyle segment on the second floor are open every first Monday of the month. On five extra Open Mondays, throughout the year, you can also visit the showrooms of the permanent exhibitors of Kitchen & Dining and Home & Living on the third floor.

 Register your free visit
Would you like to visit us on a Business Monday or All Open Monday? Register your visit for free.

Please send an e-mail to: trademart@jaarbeurs.nl

Exhibitors at Fashion & Lifestyle that are open every week

B&U Trading (X2.D430), Culture Mix (X2.D412), Désjà Vu (X2.C307), De Vogue (X2.C329), Kazuri (X2.B215), Konplott (X2C321), Lacom (X2.F616),  Onkar (X2.F603 en X2.F604), Otra Cosa (X2.A200), Rado Fashion (X2.E530), Soleyman (X2.F629), Simply Delightful (X2.B214), Toenga (X2.C301)

Exhibitors at Fashion & Lifestyle that are open once a month

Atelier Maatwerk (X2.C330), Fairitems (X2.B206), Joyline Creations (X2.C307)

Exhibitors at Kitchen & Dining that are open on the 4 extra Mondays

Abodee (A202), Alva (A137), Bepino (F654), Bodart Bamix (A117), Brandlands (E501), Bredemeijer Group B.V. (E519), C-forms (F610), Cronim B.V. (B229, A127, A133), Continenta (B208), De Bruyn Agenturen (B265), Demeyere Zwilling Nederland B.V. (A136), Dishes & Deco (A149), Ed. Wüsthof Dreizackwerk KG (E529), F&H Grou/RiD (F605), Fine Glass (F657), Första Nederland B.V. (F615 en F616), Groupe SEB NL BV (E529), Gusto NL (C305), Habo Handelsonderneming B.V. (B218), Home & Kitchen Supply (E529), Interhal Select (A103), IT & M B.V. (D455 en E555), Kessler (C336), Kitchen Trend (F655), La Cucina Import (C329), Le Creuset Nederland (B205), LIVWISE (B255 en C355), Peugeot C326), Scanpan (D404), Smeg (C339), Solis (E528), Style de Vie Authentique B.V. (D441), Tenderflame (C139), The Cookware Company (Greenpan) (A200), TTP Concepts (B215), Typisch Thuis (D418), Vijn Brands (D412)

Exhibitors at Jewels & Watches

Open during the Retailbeurs:

Aumentum (D404), Bering Time (B227), Boelens Trading (C401), Briljant (C302), Coeur de Lion (W003), Dahlinger GmbH (D412), Jéh Collection (D416), Jewels Unlimited (D408), L. Kasius Sieraden (B211), Lückerath (D461), Melano Jewelry (B461), Palido Fine Jewels (B270), Pas Diamonds (C300), PDA Group (D432), Rebel & Rose (B266), SGS Fabriek (B245), Touche Jewels (D410), Venson Amsterdam (B257), Weisz Group (B233), Zilverstad (D414)