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10-12 March 2024 | Retailbeurs Utrecht

Sun-Mon: 10.00-18.00, Tue: 10.00-17.00

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Trade Mart Utrecht
Postbus 8500
3503 RM Utrecht

Tel: +31 (0)30-295 5911

Tel: +31 (0)30-295 2999

You can contact us on Mon-Fri: 8.00-17.00 hours.

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Always want the latest products in your shop? During the Buyers Days at Trade Mart Utrecht and Retailbeurs Utrecht, you can discover the latest trends and buy the latest collections of a large number of brands. Stop by and feel and taste the latest developments in retail.


If you want to visit a Monday at Trade Mart Utrecht? Please send an email to


Trade Mart Utrecht is easily accessible by car and public transport. It is located right next to Utrecht Central Station and has ample parking.


We look forward to seeing you at Trade Mart Utrecht! In order to help you prepare for your visit, we want to give you some tips on how best to travel to Jaarbeurs. Car Park P1 and P3 are closed. This means that the number of parking spaces is limited. We recommend travelling by public transport.

Jaarbeurs is located right next-door to Utrecht Central Station. It is only a few minutes on foot to the Beatrixgebouw. The big advantage of public transport is that you will arrive well-rested and can start your visit full of energy.

Car parks

Are you coming by car? From July 1, 2023, you can use the Jaarbeurs car parks P2, P4 and P6.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Trade Mart Utrecht has everything under one roof. There are three floors full of showrooms in the segments of Jewels & Watches, Fashion & Lifestyle, Kitchen & Dining and Home & Living, offering a wide range of products and accessories for your home and your kitchen, toys, jewellery, watches, fashion accessories and more.

See, feel and taste the latest trends in Jewels & Watches, Fashion & Lifestyle, Kitchen & Dining and Home, Living & Design. Get inspired by the more than 100 exhibiting suppliers and the extensive range of top brands they represent. At Trade Mart Utrecht, you will find everything you need to anticipate what your customers want. Come and see it!

The buyers centre and the trade show are open to retailers, buyers and related professionals. If you have a chamber of commerce registration number (KVK), you can register for one of the Buyers Days or the Retailbeurs Utrecht.

  • Floor 1: Jewels & Watches
  • Floor 2: Fashion & Lifestyle
  • Floor 3: Kitchen & Dining, and a number of beautiful showrooms with Home & Living

Floor 1
Permanent exhibitors Jewels & Watches

Aumentum B.V. (D404), Bering Time (B227), Boelens Trading BV – Monzario (D401), Ch. Dahlinger GmbH & Co KG (D412), Citizen Watch Europe GmbH (C302), Jéh Collection B.V. (D416), L. Kasius Sieraden B.V. (B211), Lückerath B.V. (D461), Pas Diamonds B.V. (C300), PDA Group B.V. (D432), SAP Luxury Goods (C303), SGS Fabriek B.V. (B245), S. Weisz B.V. (B233), Venson Amsterdam B.V. (B257), Watch4us B.V. (B266), Zilverstad (D414).


Floor 2
B&U Trading (X2.D430), Culture Mix (X2.D412), Désjà Vu (X2.C307), De Vogue (X2.C329), Hublot Mode Marine (X2.D420), Kazuri (X2.B215), Konplott (X2C321), Lacom (X2.F616), Latco BV (X2.D400), Melissa Oosterwolde (X2.C317),  Onkar (X2.F603 en X2.F604), Otra Cosa (X2.A200), Rado Fashion (X2.E530), Renaissance (X2.B220), Soleyman (X2.F629), Simply Delightful (X2.B214), Starlin Cavalin (X2.C331), Toenga (X2.C301)


Exhibitors at Fashion & Lifestyle that are open once a month

Atelier Maatwerk (X2.C330), Fairitems (X2.B206), Hevi Handmade (X2.D410), Joyline Creations (X2.C307), Mr Bowmont (X2E.545) Taboo Sieraden (X2.D420).


Floor 3
Exhibitors at Kitchen & Dining that are open on the 5 extra Mondays

Abodee (A202), Bodart Bamix (A117), Boska (A127), Bowls en Dishes (C139), Bredemeijer Group B.V. (E519), The Cookware Company (Greenpan) (A200), Cronim B.V. (B229), Demeyere Zwilling Nederland B.V. (A136), Dishes & Deco (A149), Ed. Wüsthof Dreizackwerk KG (E529), F&H Group AS (F605), Första Nederland B.V. (F615 en F616), Groupe SEB NL BV (E529), Habo Handelsonderneming B.V. (B218), Home & Kitchen Supply (E529), Interhal Select (A103), IT & M B.V. (D455 en E555), Kessler (C336), KitchenAid Europe Inc. (C305), La Cucina Import (C329), Le Creuset Nederland (B205), LIVWISE (B255 en C355), De Bruyn Agenturen (B265), O-K-Import BV (F601), Piccobella (F650), Smeg (C339), Solinger Staalwaren Agenturen (E505), Style de Vie Authentique B.V. (D441), Scanpan (D404), The Collectie Agenturen (C326), TTP Concepts (B215), Twadero B.V. (F655)

Every Monday, the permanent exhibitors of Fashion & Lifestyle are there to welcome you on the Business Monday Buyers Days.

Every week, the following exhibitors of Fashion & Lifestyle open their showrooms:

B&U Trading (X2.D430), Culture Mix (X2.D412), Désjà Vu (X2.C307), De Vogue (X2.C329), Hublot Mode Marine (X2.D420), Kazuri (X2.B215), Konplott (X2C321), Lacom (X2.F616), Latco BV (X2.D400), Melissa Oosterwolde (X2.C317),  Onkar (X2.F603 en X2.F604), Otra Cosa (X2.A200), Rado Fashion (X2.E530), Renaissance (X2.B220), Soleyman (X2.F629), Simply Delightful (X2.B214), Starlin Cavalin (X2.C331), Toenga (X2.C301)Register for a Buyers Monday send email to

All the showrooms in the Fashion & Lifestyle segment on the second floor are open every first Monday of the month. On four extra Open Mondays, throughout the year, you can also visit the showrooms of the permanent exhibitors of Kitchen & Dining and Home & Living on the third floor.


The calendar shows you when the Buyers Days are and which brands will be there.

The calendar shows you when the Buyers Days are and which brands will be there.

The Retailbeurs Utrecht takes place twice a year.

The spring edition takes place from 10-12 March 2024.

The autumn edition takes place in September 2024. TBC

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